Lumense SensorITTM Technology Platform

Lumense’s technology, based on patents and trade secrets exclusively licensed from Georgia Tech and supplemented by the company’s own intellectual property, forms SensorIT, a real-time chemical and biological sensing platform capable of yielding scores of breakthrough products across multiple industries. The figure below illustrates the SensorIT platform.

The sensor unit contains all the computational and communication functionality needed for the sensor to operate independently or within a network. The unit contains a communications interface, a user interface with a touchscreen display, a power supply, and the plumbing necessary to route the fluid through the sensor. The user interface allows the user to adjust alert set points, user security, communication modes, data recording constraints, and to graphically view recent and historical data for applicable targets.

The unit includes an internal self-calibration system that cancels out accumulated drift, and reduces the need for calibration. A low-cost filter, which enables this self-calibration, is replaced occasionally according to a maintenance cycle tracked and displayed by the sensor unit.

The user interface, electronics, fluidics, and mechanical design are standard across all of Lumense’s product development efforts. All that usually changes from one application to the next is the waveguide and the filter. The common SensorIT design allows Lumense to reduce product development cycles, provide a smooth product upgrade path to customers, and provide customers with a more affordable solution, even for lower volume applications.

Two paths to upgrade sensor functionality are alluded to in the figure. First, the waveguide in the unit can be replaced with enhanced waveguides, perhaps capable of sensing a broader set of targets or of better discerning targets from interferents. Second, the functionality of the sensor can be expanded through remote software downloads.

Lumense uses the “cloud” to allow the customer to better visualize and manage sensor data. Cloud-based tools allow customers to manage alerts, view dashboards, set security, and combine sensor data with other relevant data. The Lumense SensorIT platform enables customers to deliver data to remote devices and mobile applications.

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