Lumense’s current focus areas include agricultural process control, food and beverage quality assurance, and water quality monitoring. Three products, one in each focus area, are currently under development. These include:

  • An ammonia monitor for animal feed operations.

Limited quantities of the “beta” or “pilot” version of Lumense's continuous ammonia monitor, the LE100, have been deployed in several poultry houses throughout North America. A production version of the product, the Lumense Ammonia Monitor, will be generally available in Spring 2015. More information on the Lumense Ammonia Monitor is available upon request. Please contact us for detailed product specifications, about participating in our pilot program, or about ordering production units.

  • A monitor for detecting contaminants in food-grade gas.

Lumense is developing this product in partnership with a Fortune 500 company in the food and beverage industry. Stay tuned for news on this groundbreaking sensor product in 2015.

  • A real-time water quality monitor.

This product will detect and quantify, in the field and in real-time, concentrations of BTEX chemicals (benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, and xylene) and/or chlorinated ethylenes (TCE, cis- and trans-DCE, and vinyl chloride). These contaminants present serious health risks even in parts-per-billion quantities. As we refine target specifications, we seek input on customer requirements from industry participants. Stay tuned for 2015 news on this family of products.

Lumense continues to follow other markets and applications and is very interested in exploring co-development opportunities with potential corporate partners.

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