Food and Beverage Quality Assurance

Lumense is helping major corporations make sure that their food and beverage products are safe and consistent.

For example, Lumense is developing a sensor for measuring contaminants in the gases commonly used in food and beverage production. Particularly in developing markets, so-called “food grade” gases can occasionally contain trace levels of undesirable chemicals, like sulfur, benzene, acetaldehyde, and methane. Existing analyzers, which are usually just the automated equivalents of laboratory spectroscopy and chromatography equipment, can cost up to $300,000. They are also maintenance-intensive, and often do not operate quickly enough to catch transient contamination events. Lumense’s solution will be much more affordable, more scalable, quicker, and better connected within the customer’s quality assurance system.

Lumense is also developing a product to monitor the level of disinfectant in food and beverage clean-in-place (CIP) operations. Immediate knowledge of CIP disinfectant levels is important to assure disinfection, while not overusing expensive and caustic chemicals. It is also necessary to know that disinfectant has been thoroughly removed from the production line prior to restarting production operations.

Applications for Lumense sensors in food and beverage quality assurance and process control are seemingly endless. Contact us to help your company better manage chemicals and microbes in your production environment.

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