Focus Areas

While Lumense is developing a sensor product platform that will eventually support products across scores of applications, the company is initially focused on addressing clear economic pain points in three markets.

  • Agricultural Process Control:

Lumense’s beachhead product, an ammonia sensor for poultry house monitoring, will be available on a limited basis. The LE100 ammonia sensor can be used by growers to continuously measure house ammonia levels, enabling them to perhaps more optimally control house ventilation. Experts in poultry house ventilation believe that better control of house ammonia levels can boost productivity of the $25 billion US broiler industry by five to seven percent. Currently, growers do not have an affordable way to continuously track ammonia.

  • Water Quality Monitoring:

Lumense plans, in 2017, to go to field trial with a second generally available product, a sensor for monitoring a selection of contaminants in water. This water sensor, Lumense’s first step along an increasingly sophisticated water monitoring roadmap, will generate valuable data across a number of applications and industries.

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